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Where do you go when you need a look entirely your own? Blink Optical, that's where. Sleek and chic. Eclectic and artistic. Handcrafted and custom-designed. Here, a menagerie of the most innovative, interesting eyewear designs awaits.

With a sharp eye on style, a focus on highly original luxury brands crafting only handmade frames, and a strict attention to superior eye care, form and function are paramount. Viewing prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses as the ultimate lifestyle accessory, Blink draws upon this idea to create an inviting space.

Each of Blink's boutiques presents a full sensory experience modeled to encourage customers to step back, relax, and enjoy the process of selecting their new eyewear.

Its vast selection of designer eyeglasses sold exclusively at Blink includes coveted brands like Face a Face, Christian Roth, Histoire de Voir, Kirk Originals, Bevel, Orgreen, ic!Berlin, Eyewood, Oliver Peoples, and Paul Smith. Materials such as laminated zyls, exotic woods, leathers, and inlaid Swarovski crystals comprise and adorn many styles, making an impression that doesn't fade in comparison with your ensemble. However, it's Blink's private label, buffalo-horn creations that are driving eyewear enthusiasts wild. Every pair of Blink custom-designed eyewear is meticulously hand-carved from buffalo horn-the most exclusive material used in eyeglasses today. Due to every piece of horn being entirely distinctive (nature is its pattern-maker), each frame is also one of a kind.

The two boutiques are in the best locations in Washington, DC that are showplaces for the top ten eyeglass collections in the world. Here you will find sleek and chic award-winning architectural spaces, highly personalized service and the most unique and exclusive frame selections. Dr. George J. Flocos is well known in the Washington area and provides the best in eye care.

Dr. Flocos is our independent optometrist, practicing for over thirteen years in the Washington, DC area. He is a graduate of The Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago. Dr. Flocos enjoys practicing general optometry and specializes in comprehensive eye examinations as well as the latest breakthroughs in contact lens technology.

You may schedule an eye exam with Dr. Flocos at the 919 18th Street NW and 1431 P Street NW locations on any day Tuesday thru Saturday. Please call for his availability.


In addition to Blink's attention to fashion-forward style, master craftsmanship, and social responsibility, the company is equally focused on eye care. It has expert opticians on staff and uses lenses created solely by Carl Zeiss of Germany, the world's leading innovator of lens technology. The depth and clarity of vision achieved by Zeiss' patented lens designs and coatings are miraculous. Why else would the makers of the most sophisticated NASA telescopes call upon Zeiss for their complex technological needs or spectacle wearers seek out Blink for this highly advanced technology?


1431 P Street NW

Here are a few of the frames you will find at BLINK:


A Brit, based in New York, and a true Midwesterner have created a fashion eyewear collection for the "cognoscenti". Mixing it up with 4 mm thick titanium, and a panacea of colored plastics, the BEVEL team has succeeded to brighten the sidewalks and outdoor cafes. Double and triple laminated zyl acetate is used, as well as striped and grainy colors. Finished and polished many times by near extinct hand-craftsmen in Japan. Customers seeking smaller titaniums and zyls will certainly appreciate the vast assortment of styles more fit appropriate to their needs.


In collaboration with the German-based HOFFMAN NATURAL EYEWEAR, luxury and exclusivity are epitomized. BLINK's signature Horn collection is constructed and carved from found horns of Asian water buffalo and African cattle. Beautifully structured colors, which harmonize with each other, are characteristic for a natural horn frame. Each one is a little bit different as nature ensures that each horn is unique too. As is clothing in natural materials, natural horn frames are very light and suitable for allergy sufferers. This environmentally friendly manufacturing process goes one step further as all excess shavings and waste from production are used as a natural plant fertilizer. To personalize these one of a kind creations, BLINK offers its clients the opportunity to have their names engraved into the temples of custom orders.


Designer CHRISTIAN ROTH and partner Eric Domego wanted to create retro eyewear to appeal to the consumer who craves individuality--think of Lenny Kravitz, Bono of U2, and the infamous Jackie-O. CHRISTIAN ROTH feels his customer is not into big brand names and shies away from the very accessible, popular styles. Sleek, sexy silhouettes carry no logo on the frame--with branding only inside the case. This singular design of the sun wear is matched by the unique lens construction with gradient dyes containing melanin--the naturally occurring protein found in human hair and skin that helps ward off sun damage. For ROTH, sunglasses are not just about design but also imperative in protecting the eyes and the skin around the eyes from premature aging.


Craig Kaplan has successfully created the most unique eyewear designs that are truly organic and where the preservation of the precious Amazonian Rain Forest is sustained. Using fallen trees instead of harvesting, Kaplan turns otherwise wasted precious woods into objects of beauty, preventing the unnecessary killing of innocent trees. Rosewood, curly maple, mahogany, purple heart, teak and even bamboo and seeds are crafted into spectacles creating a collection in a niche of luxury eyewear all its own. And to take it to the next level, Craig encrusts some of his pieces with authentic Swarovski crystals.


French architect Alyson Magee never trusted in the fleetingness of fashions but in a superior concept of design. Originality and creative details lead her to experiment with new ideas for this collection. Sophisticated contemporary designs manufactured at the foot of the French Alps combine intricate detailing and high-tech artistry with materials ranging from the lightweight titanium to dual textured laminates. This collection truly has a strong emphasis on design and sometimes showcases frames resembling the details for construction found on a building's blueprint.


The HISTOIRE DE VOIR collections of sunglasses are derived from noble and natural materials in which they have on thing in common--Leather. Whether it is the entire collection of frames, or the stems of the frames, the leather is incorporated into each piece with attention to detail through a blending of precise technology and craftsmen's knowledge. Despite numerous mimickers on the fashion scene, French designer Stephane Sarnin has been quietly making headlines since 1993 and remains the original makers of 'the mask". This season HISTOIRE DE VOIR has introduced clever hats with attached shields for sun protection as well as to make a bold statement.

ic! berlin

German ingenuity prevails again with this spectacular collection of 100% stainless steel frames. Hand cut and assembled without any solder points or screws, these creations amaze everyone who has the opportunity to try them on. Designed for daily use but tough enough for rigorous activities, this uniquely assembled frame is virtually unbreakable. Designers Phillip, Ralph and Harald have elevated fashion eyewear and frame technology to a new level. This is one company not afraid to be different and does not waiver from their concept.


When Sydney and Percy Kirk converted an old sewing machine into a lens cutter in 1919, they did not expect their pioneering optical designs to be fashionable into the next century. Today, inspired by the discovery of a treasure trove of original frames in the family practice, KIRK ORIGINALS create unique, limited-edition eyewear, thus continuing the good work of Sidney and Percy. For the past 10 years, this London based collection is like no other in its shocking combinations of acrylic, aluminum and many other materials.


Inspired by a more romantic age and reminiscent of fine vintage jewelry, this technical breakthrough has become known as the original necklace for eyewear. Initially known for its patented loop and hinge which pivots and moves with the body allowing the eyewear to hang in place, today the array of finishes and designs is exploding. Fine silk cords, classic leather finishes, precious stones and minerals, diverse metals and woods, and even sporty neon colors create pieces of jewelry with function -- but beautiful enough to be worn as an adornment alone.


The fascinating history of CARL ZEISS began in 1846 when he set up his first workshop for precision mechanics and optics in Jena, Germany and continues to this very day as ZEISS lenses and coatings are unmatched in the industry with their superlative quality. Innovations from CARL ZEISS and his partner Ernst Abbe have contributed to the advances achieved in may fields and have helped to improve our quality of life. Just a few examples: instrument systems used for diagnosis and therapy in ophthalmology, eyeglass lenses, microscopes for medical research and microsurgery, high precision measuring technology for the automotive and mechanical engineering industries, camera lenses, research equipment for NASA's space research, and optical systems for the high-volume production of microchips. The CARL ZEISS success story goes on and on....

As in so many areas of optics, CARL ZEISS was one of the pioneers in the development of coated spectacle lenses. The principle of anti-reflective coatings was invented and patented by CARL ZEISS in 1935. The coatings, known as ZEISS ET coatings, have been constantly improved over the years, with the result that virtually no reflections now occur on coated lenses. This process in combination with their patented lens materials and lens designs for both single vision and multi-focal corrections has created a finished product which none can come close to in performance or quality of vision.

There is only one way to truly appreciate the crystal clear vision achieved with the ZEISS lens technology--and that is to wear them! You will never see more clearly, without distortion and aberration, and without annoying reflections than you will through this amazing lens.

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